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If the process is corrupt you CANNOT get justice. Deal with corruption/fraud first and then apply to get justice.  Fraud unravels all!

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‘From the World Gathered to the World Scattered’

You may find yourself here as you may be going through the second part of your life – your Divorce, or the Government divorced you from your children by taking them away through Forced Adoption, or  you may just be curious to see how the UK Justice System actually works.

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You may also find yourself here as you may have been disappointed with the legal services provided by your solicitors / barristers and you seek answers to your legal issues.  

We bring you reviews of law firms as found in the public domain and as provided to us by our clients. We also include where possible how much a divorce can cost and whether or not solicitors could have taken a financial advantage of their clients, and how much Legal Aid is misspending on litigation. 

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Find out how we can assist you. We get to the bottom of facts and get clarity.

For the past 8 years, we have been involved in the most fascinating legal cases: from  the most difficult divorce proceedings to complex children cases. We are also preparing the largest claim against the UK Government for its failure to tackle corrupt behaviour within the Ministry of Justice and the Courts. Our great achievement in 2016 has been the early retirement of Lord Dyson. He was the Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Justice, the second most senior judge in England and Wales, from 2012 to 2016, and a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom from 2010 to 2012.  His failure was due to his corrupt behaviour in a very famous case led by a Litigant in Person.  As a result other Judges have been caught up acting in a corrupt manner and now are facing retirement or impeachment.  A global interest into how the Justice System works is fast developing.  

Lord Dyson was the 96th Master of the Rolls. He left the office in disgrace covered up as early retirement.  We were required to seek the support of Her Majesty the Queen for his removal.  Since the position of Master of the Rolls was created in 1286, no Master of the Rolls ever had to resign from office before due to corrupt behaviour, interference with the delivery of justice, and pretence of belonging to the aristocracy.

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We are working on the largest claim against the United Kingdom Government. Have you asked  yourself?

WHY the UK Government and Justice System continue to fail society as security and justice for those in need and most disadvantaged are denied by quite a few corrupt and inadequate Politicians and Judiciaries who are promoted rather than disciplined, and by a broken and ‘racist’ Justice System; and

WHY no political party in the 21st Century in the UK ever included in its manifesto the much needed  and urgent changes for the inadequate family courts and appeal courts, and its Judiciaries?

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We are naming the ‘Trios of Shame‘ as they have caused a lot of damage to the public.  

Here they are:  Lord Dyson (now former Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Justice), Lord Chancellor Liz Truss (now former Lord Chancellor), Lord Chief Justice Baron Thomas (soon former Lord Chief Justice).  They all gloriously failed protecting the most corrupt judge of the 21st Century – Lord Wilson (Supreme Court Judge).  Lord Wilson put a lot of energy since 2010 into protecting himself of his wrong doing as he made up evidence in a Court of Appeal case (as he was then a Lord Justice of the Appeal) to protect a fraudulent, bad character and abusive Husband, and thereafter as he corrupted other Judges to destroy and ruin a Litigant in Person, the Wife. However, evil never succeeds.                                             Time always uncovers the truth!

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We show you how to recognise domestic abuse, understand it and what you immediately must do to protect yourself.  Dispose of the abuser.

If you are at the receiving end of abuse and then try to defend yourself before the Judges from the actions of an abusive Husband, your evidence is not taken seriously as the Judges (mostly male), themselves abusive, have the job to carry out the Government’s agenda, thus lacking independence and impartiality.  Indeed they ignore evidence and when the opportunity arises (especially if Litigants in Person are involved) they make up evidence to support the Government’s agenda.

You will see by example why you must never care for anyone who has personal issues and abuses you either emotionally, physically and / or financially. The consequences for supporting and caring for such a troubled person are greater than you can imagine.  

The UK Justice System favours those who first come to the court with allegations (false and more severe, the merrier) and who are represented by a well known powerful firm of solicitors.  

The current UK Justice System is not made to protect society from those who commit fraud, perjury and interfere with justice.  Indeed it encourages bad behaviour as it ensures that Judges will hold on to their jobs and more issues are created which can become the Government’s next issues in the elections. 

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Does the UK still uphold the rule of law?

When there are such problems with:

Judicial Competence, Conflict of Interest, Judicial Appointments, Unfair Trials, Lack of Court Support, Financial Extortion,  Impractical Orders…  (Click here.)

 How can the rule of law be upheld? Such issues must urgently be addressed by the UK Government and rectified to uphold and promote the people’s democratic rights.  The fundamental principle of the UK constitution, for a free and fair society, is found in the Magna Carta dating back to 1215. Yet Judges ignore it in order to promote the Government’s agenda.

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Bad Judges

From the closed doors and secret family courts to the jungle judges who no longer are expelled from the UK, a clear investigation and analysis is being provided to the public to understand those judges who the public are supposed to trust.   Thoroughly Bad Judges. 

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 Judicial misbehaviour, misconduct, incapacity and abuse of power and trust…to name a few Judges who are failing society yet they continue to hold their jobs despite being reported.

These Judges have contributed to the early retirement of the corrupt judge Lord Dyson as he tried his best to protect them, yet he had to give up his position as the 96th Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Division to leave with some dignity as the below Judges are now to face impeachment.


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Our aim is to bring clarity and get justice.

We aim to provide the public with a meaningful and simple insight into how the United Kingdom Government over time has been selecting and hiring its civil servants (Judges), managed its agencies which support and affect the Justice System and the Judiciaries, and how the leadership of a Government can have a direct effect on those who seek justice in Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals.

Her Majesty The Queen  

We also look at the role of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II within the Justice System and how family law and justice developed throughout Her Majesty’s reign which on 13th June 2017 stands at 65 years 4 months 6 days.

We encourage our visitors to explore our website with an open mind and consider all the facts in order to arrive at an informed decision!
We are not responsible how you use this information which is found in the public domain.



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