Thank you all for your interest and support over the last 10 years.  We are now undergoing a restructuring process. We want your stories and to know how you dealt with the Justice System in England and Wales, and the UK Government.

We help ‘Good Judges’ bring accurate and constructive judgments to the public based on clear evidence and reasoning. ‘Bad Judges’ rely mostly on their given judicial discretion as they either have not read the case before them or are unable to judge properly.

We are offering our devoted followers and readers the opportunity to have a voice internationally with their own divorce and/or children related stories.  Please note we are not publishing any real names, addresses or any specific private matters that the public can easily associate with the person bringing the case to us. We are looking at the facts and findings from the court with appropriate commentaries about the divorce and children proceedings process.  We do need your court documents which are kept confidential and not published. We reserve the right to publish your stories from script to screen.

Your voice must be heard for justice to exist!

We are proud of our work and investigations as they have been quoted by others (in media and academics). We are of interest to many legal professionals who many are also members of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

We cut through the non-sense, praises and theories one can find on-line about cases as published by the media for sensation purposes and glorification of the Justice System in England and Wales and the UK Government (not always working efficiently and effectively as it is controlled politically).

We are grateful to the significant and gross mistakes, grandiose and delusional nature, and clear incompetence of Lord Wilson of Culworth, Supreme Court Judge since May 2011.

We are grateful to Her Majesty the Queen and Prime Minister for listening and taking into account evidence of interference with justice and abuse of power by the 96th Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Division, and former Supreme Court Judge Lord Dyson whom we forced into early retirement in 2016 (the first Master of the Rolls to be forced in such retirement position by a legal professional).

We are also grateful to Lord Neuberger (former President of the Supreme Court, and former Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Division when Lord Wilson of Culworth known as Lord Justice Wilson then was in the Court of Appeal) for his mistakes that forced him into early retirement in 2017 after his engagement in corrupt activities, failure to manage and bribery activities together with Lord Wilson of CulworthLord Neuberger engaged in a conflict of interest matter which forced him to retire early on his own.


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