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If the process is corrupt you CANNOT get justice. Deal with corruption/fraud first and then seek justice.  Fraud unravels all!

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We are proud our work and investigations have been quoted by others (in media and academics) and we are of interest to many legal professionals who are also members of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

The information on this website will cut through all the non-sense, praises and theory one can find on-line about the United Kingdom Justice System and Government in relation to family and divorce matters. We look at evidence as found in the public domain and the legal process from actual cases in order to go straight to the roots of:

  1. how corruption (judicial and political) has been building over decades;
  2. how the Justice System and Judiciaries are actually working and performing;
  3. what is meant by the secret courts, gag orders etc;
  4. how appeal courts actually work and why should there be a need for a Supreme Court when very few cases make their way there;
  5. why so many incompetent judges who are ready to abuse their judicial position to protect other judges and colleagues are being appointed and promoted to make money out of the system; 
  6. what is the Government’s interest in using the Justice System to promote its political agenda; and
  7. why judicial impeachment is necessary to protect the rights of the people.

Our work was made possible by the significant and gross mistakes, grandiose and delusional nature, and clear incompetence of Lord Wilson of Culworth, Supreme Court Judge since May 2011. His consistent corrupt behaviour, dishonesty and thirst for power led us over a 7 year period to investigate him and all others he influenced to enter into corrupt activities and behaviour, protect him from his wrong doing when he sat as a Lord Justice of Appeals, and breach their judicial position of trust and power.

In November 2010, we noticed that Lord Wilson of Culworth was a very poor and wrong choice for a Judge, in fact a Lord Justice of Appeals, as he unrestrictedly and shamelessly told lies in his own court and then in his Judgment.  He did not know the appeal case before him as he did not bother to read it as the application was brought by a Litigant in Person without legal representation, and as he was in search of attention from the media present in court when he delivered his grandiose and delusional Judgment which caught the waves of the media and comments from the legal professionals. He already had one foot in the Supreme Court as his new judicial role started in May 2011. His delusion and made up facts against the appellant wife in the appeal application was noted the immediate following days and most of those who commented on the case apologised and removed their comments from their website. However, the case has continued to remain in the public domain via private websites and the newspapers articles (local and international) to date.

Lord Wilson of Culworth was a very poor and wrong choice for a Judge at all court levels.

In 2016, other corrupt Judges from the Queen’s Bench, His Honour Judge Parkes QC, and the Court of Appeal, Lady Justice Macur and Lord Justice Sales, attempted to become heroes to save Lord Wilson of Culworth as these Judges took upon themselves to dispense with legal procedure and issue ‘gag orders’ that no one must refer to the case put wrong by Lord Wilson of Culworth in November 2010, file any applications to seek justice without the approval of those who committed fraud and entered corrupt activities. The case continues to remain in the public domain with wrong facts and wrong application of the law.  The ‘gag orders’ are being reviewed at the highest level with considerable liability for damages and request to dishonour the corrupt and incompetent Judges. The Justice System can no longer be trusted. This case continues to make significant changes to the Justice System and the Judiciaries given licence to judge in England and Wales. It is now a global case given its complexity and serious fraud.

We are internationally recognised for our considerable difficult and important work on the above case and others which we will be putting forward under Cases.

We forced Lord Dyson (former Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Division, and former Supreme Court Judge) into early retirement in 2016 after his engagement in corrupt activities, failure to manage, and falsification and use of aristocratic title by his family – his wife.  He played the right hand of Lord Wilson of Culworth in the lower courts (Court of Appeal, Administrative Court and Queen’s Bench) to defeat applications. In the end he resigned on his own after we also presented him with the letter sent to Her Majesty the Queen.

We also forced Lord Neuberger (former President of the Supreme Court, and former Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Division) into early retirement in 2017 after his engagement in corrupt activities, failure to manage and bribery activities together with Lord Wilson of CulworthLord Neuberger engaged in a conflict of interest matter which forced him to retire early on his own.

We forced into early retirement Lord Dyson and Lord Neuberger.

We are soon presenting the invitation letter for resignation to Lord Wilson of Culworth or (if he refuses) we will proceed with his impeachment from the Judicial Office. Other Judges –  Lord Justice McFarlane, Lady Justice Eleanor King, Lady Justice Macur, Lord Justice Ryder, Lord Justice Sales, Her Honour Judge McGowanHis Honour Judge Parkes QC – will follow as they all together engaged in corrupt activities with Lord Wilson of Culworth to defeat applications and refuse the application of the law on fraudulent and corrupt basis.

As we gained significant trust and importance with our work among the public, legal professionals, academics and politicians, we undertake work on the largest fund for the victims of the family law within the English legal system –  “The £100 Million Fund“. How many victims are out there who have been denied justice by such corrupt judges?

We hold the largest liability on Theresa May‘s Government as she also engaged directly in fraud and corrupt activities via her appointed Ministers. We will look at how the Game was played to protect the grandiose, delusional and incompetent Supreme Court Judge – Lord Wilson of Culworth.

The orchestration of corruption to defeat applications filed with the courts is a gross and significant mistake. It became a matter for the higher authorities to step in to investigate and for the public to take notice.

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