£100 million Compensation Fund

We are working on the largest claim against the United Kingdom Government. 

Have you asked yourself?

WHY the UK Government and Justice System continue to fail society as security and justice for those in need and most disadvantaged are denied by quite a few corrupt and inadequate Politicians and Judiciaries who are promoted rather than disciplined, and by a broken and ‘racist’ Justice System; and

WHY no political party in the 21st Century in the UK ever included in its manifesto the much needed  and urgent changes for the inadequate family courts and appeal courts, and its Judiciaries?


Send us an email if you suffered financial losses due to:

  • miscarriage of justice,
  • false evidence made against you by Judges with intent to damage your case and or discriminate against you,
  • having been provided with an impractical order,
  • your children haven been stolen and placed into forced adoption,
  • Legal Aid failed you as funds were cut during your litigation process…etc.