About us

Born from personal struggles, we have fast become known for our dedication and excellence in providing our clients with guidance and support in all their relationships breakdown matters for the past 8 years.

We understand how it feels to go through the divorce process be it from the start of the proceedings or when returning a case to court. Our cases are not all straight forward, with the majority being complex cases involving difficult legal issues and sometimes involving different jurisdictions.

We are not after the so called ‘big money’ cases concerning matrimonial finance or divorce involving substantial assets as legally qualified individuals working on behalf of Law Firms are more than happy to cater to this market that can afford their large retainers and high legal fees. Such individuals are financially able to pay for excessive legal fees with private funds or when they have the opportunity and means to raise the required legal funds from Hedge funds which lend them their legal fees at a very high premium. Hedge funds, investors and divorce lawyers – a match made in heaven for the rich.

– Who are our clients and what do we do for them?
Our clients are regular people usually on a limited budget, with mortgages and or other loans due for payment monthly, and concerned for their financial future.

We work together with our clients to provide them with legal guidance rather than advice, personal and emotional support, and help them tell their own stories as the facts dictate once the matter is heard in open court. We are constantly keeping up-to-date with the changes in Family Law.

We give our clients the opportunity to learn the process for their divorce case, support them when self-representing in court, and draft and organise their court applications and documents – as it is required for court purpose, at very reasonable rates on a project basis.

Some of us had the unfortunate experiences to be in abusive and manipulative relationships and ended up in a bitter divorce battle in court with our stories publicly reported in the media on misleading facts and events. Therefore, we have created a more public open platform for our clients to have their own divorce struggle stories made public when written based on the actual facts rather than as a sensational story as a Judge might tell it in open court when giving Judgment and or as reported in newspapers so as to increase the sale of their products.

Over the years, we have been involved in numerous cases from Magistrates Court, County Court to the Court of Appeal because we either directly experienced them or they have been brought to us by our clients who lost faith in solicitors, were misled and or spent a lot of money in legal fees over the years to get the promised justice they never achieved. While we make every possible effort to guide and support our clients to the best of our knowledge as the case develops, we sometimes do bring in recommendations and discuss beforehand with our clients the need to hire a direct access barristers to represent them in court only. We work with direct access barristers whom we trust, have worked with before, ensure that their fees are reasonable and they deliver high quality work throughout our clients’ court representation.

Every one of our client is different, so we cater and develop our services to best fit each individual client’s need.

– Why do we do what we do?
We had the idea of making a painful and difficult relationship breakdown experience into something positive so that our clients can go through the divorce process with more ease, not be afraid when they find themselves in front of a Justice, understand fully the legal process as they have hands-on on their case, learn along the way and not spend a fortune on legal fees to achieve the same end result as when being guided by us. We open the press world to our clients so that they can put their story right once it passed through the open court. We also teach our clients in parallel how to move on with their private life during and after such a traumatic event that might have left them temporarily scarred. The Divorce process can take from a few months to years, depending on its complexity.

Even if our clients review their cases years from when hiring us, they know that they were in good hands and they can see that they were strategically prepared for any future opportunity if their case is to re-open in the future be it for a review of maintenance, increase in child support maintenance or even for a miscarriage of justice if found at a later date that the other party concealed the truth when the case was first decided in court.

We can help you take your case via the UK courts and via the political channels to achieve the justice that your case deserves; we understand your matter as we also directly experienced every step that you are going through with your case.

Our background is in political science and law.

Our Philosophy:

Our gained experience is your opportunity!