How do we make changes?

In 2016, we have been successful in forcing Lord Dyson (96th Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Division) into early retirement.  We exposed the problem and corruption with this Judge and Head of Management. We were heard!


In 2017, we have been successful in forcing Lord Neuberger (President of the Supreme Court and 95th Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Division) into early retirement. We exposed the corruption at the Supreme Court and unlawful behaviour together with Lord Wilson’s who is to retire or be impeached.

This is how we bring about changes in the Justice System:

  • Letting the cat out of the bag by exposing corrupt behaviour and teaching the public what works with every judge that one may comes across with in court;
  • Writing to Her Majesty the Queen when a civil servant (a Judge) forgets his/her duties and pretends (he or his wife) to be an aristocrat (a few judges sitting in the Court of Appeal);
  • Asking the public what it is they would like to see as changes to take place in England and Wales (Scotland must speak for itself);
  • Putting pressure on the Judiciaries with our posted cases on our website to show what they have been doing wrong and how they failed to apply the rule of law;
  • Requesting from the public to come forward if their case was not done in accordance with the rule of law in England and Wales;
  • Questioning gross injustice by involving the worldwide legal community;
  • Setting up group actions to claim damages against the Government once conflict of interest and corrupt activities are established and proven;
  • Putting pressure on the Prime Minister to take note and reshuffle her cabinet if the Lord Chancellor is dishonest, makes use of abuse of power and engages in conflict of interest;
  • Having set up the “Divorce Foundation” with the manifesto;
  • Securing delivery of natural justice with pressure on those who have the power to make changes but move too slow;
  • Petitions to remove/impeach Judges who refuse to leave office on their own initiative after being found to have lied and or abused their position of trust and power.