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“A legal matter is never lost, unless you give up on your dignity, integrity and belief in justice.”
[Sandra Vlad]

Without justice there is chaos and encouragement of bad behaviour now and in the future. As Lord Justice Stirling once said about the function of justices: “to promote virtue and morality and to discourage vice and immorality.”
[Constantinidi v Constantinidi and Lance [1905] P 253, 278, per Stirling LJ. ]

Sir Patrick Devlin further said that “an established morality is as necessary as good government to the welfare of society”, that societies “disintegrate … when no common morality is observed”.
[Devlin, The Enforcement of Morals (Oxford University Press, 1965) 13-14, 15, 17.]

The founder of “Divorce and the City – London Style“, Sandra is probably Britain’s best known Litigant in Person turned Legal Consultant. She guides individuals in all their matrimonial matters at all levels of Courts and with the authorities. Her divorce matter was made famous by one of the most incompetent Judge, Lord Wilson, now sitting in the Supreme Court.  His ignorance of the law, grandiose nature and malicious behaviour gave rise to an investigation into the Judiciaries and their behaviour. To date, Sandra resigned quite a few Judges in 2016 and 2017 including top Judges in England and Wales: Lord Dyson (Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Division, also former Supreme Court Judge) and Lord Neuberger (President of the Supreme Court).

Thanks to Lord Wilson, now considered the most corrupt Judge of the 21st Century, sitting as a Lord Justice of Appeals in the Court of Appeals, Sandra achieved celebrity status as her divorce case gained instant interest with the legal professionals, the public, the justices, and with the media. The case was public until 2016, when the corrupt Lord Wilson bribed other Judges to protect him. He is now facing an investigation and possible impeachment if he does not resign by himself.

Sandra achieved prominence with her aptitude to stand up to defeat the charges brought against her by her then husband who aimed to put her in jail and walk away with all matrimonial assets following false and malicious allegations to the police.  He had a clear agenda to hide his lengthy period of unemployment which breached his work visa at the time. On his false allegations and breach of work visa, the husband was given by Theresa May (then Home Secretary in charge of immigration) the British citizenship. The Husband now stands for a criminal investigation, after 8 years of litigation, interference with justice and perverting the course of justice.

Sandra’s perseverance for the truth, high investigative skills, dedication to the law and justice system, respect for foreign jurisdiction and law, and a quick learner of legal strategies, as developed by adversarial solicitors and barristers, gained her a good and solid reputation with the Justices in the Family Division of the High Court and the Court of Appeal.

Her highly regarded legal skills by the Judges has frequently confused the media and others when they mistakenly referred to Sandra as being a solicitor or barrister. However, at the time of her divorce, Sandra had only a corporate legal background and underwent her first personal divorce. Although, Sandra was discarded from the marriage by a dishonest and manipulative husband, she managed under extremely difficult times to clearly make her case in Court and put into early retirement corrupt and unfit for office Judges.

Sandra’s case carries a liability of £50 million on the Government. 

After also assisting with numerous cases Sandra gained an extraordinary insight into how a criminal mind works and how a reputable law firm and questionable barristers can wrongly influence the Judges who are not willing to deviate from any evidence put forward only by legal professionals.

Sandra has gained sufficient experience to now be able to provide guidance to very complex divorce cases.

Her divorce matter and constant learning of the law provided Sandra with the necessary skills to be able to successfully act as a legal consultant for clients faced with similar difficult and complex divorces either not desired by legal advisers or cases which are too costly to employ solicitors and or barristers for their entirety. She can assist clients with their emotional well-being as well as with the necessary guidance on how to manage their divorce case.

Persuasion, dedication and understanding of the law are the main points for success.

The UK legal system may appear to be an exhausting process; however, it is what the current legal system requires from every individual either represented or acting as a Litigant in Person and who is willing to stand in front of a Justice who in turn must listen and remain independent so as to do justice. It may not be an easy task especially if someone just exited an abusive and controlling marriage or has been financially depleted by a firm of solicitors. Nevertheless it is a very necessary exercise one must gain through strength.

Sandra has been able to proficiently and accurately teach Litigants in Person how to gain back their confidence and belief in themselves while at the same time develop the much required legal skills and understanding of the legal process and procedures before they are to present their case in Court.

Confidence must replace fear and fear must be taken out of the equation from step one by a Litigant in Person in order to succeed. Sympathy has no place in court and a Litigant in Person must not rely on such behaviour to gain favours with the court. The rule of law and approved precedents are the only elements that makes a case judged correctly and in accordance with the UK legal requirements. 

Her clients are clearly informed from the start that sympathy has no place in Court. Also Judges will not take into account any new pleadings if this was not established from the beginning of the process to clearly show the correct facts and grounds on which the marriage broke down.  The case will not succeed if it is not based on points of law along with flawless presentation and clear drafting of documents. Judicial corruption must not be presented to Judges as they have a duty to protect their colleagues. There is a separate process to deal with corruption.

Her clients found her guidance and support to be invaluable. 

Complex divorce cases are Sandra’ speciality.

Sandra’s interest in matrimonial law is vast. She is also the author of a soon to be released book about abusive marriage, corrupt justice system, survival and cashing in on damages caused by an unfit Government and sloppy judicial appointments. 

Sandra goes Global not only Local with legal matters. Her connections for the same issues reach over 200,000 individuals worldwide.

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