Bad Judges

There are plenty of bad Judges in the English courts due to their appointment based on favouritism via the Church of England, already appointed Judges and or via the Conservative Party.

Although we do not take a political stand, we have discovered that quite a few Bad Judges have been appointed since the Conservative Party came to power and made up the Government in England.   The complaints raised against such Bad Judges have either been ignored or manipulated in such a way as to immediately change the law and or dismiss the claims by employing corrupt manoeuvring. Such actions clearly have undermined the image of the Monarchy as all Judges and Authorities are under Oath of Allegiance from Her Majesty the Queen which states: “…….swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors, according to law.”

Bad Judges have acted against the Judicial Oath. Therefore, against Her Majesty the Queen. 

We took a look at who allowed it to happen. There are two top names of top leaders that can be listed: David Cameron and Theresa May. They appointed corrupt Ministers who in turn unlawfully manoeuvred Judges and Authorities in charge of investigation and dismissal of the corrupt Judges.

Judicial appointments are political moves. 

We discovered that top Judges are most corrupt in order to carry out political agenda. For example, ‘domestic abuse’ is a necessary requirement in England and Wales as it is a political agenda to show that the Government cares for its people. Statistics of high numbers of individuals engaged in ‘domestic abuse’ are being sought after. Nonetheless, these are the British left behind by the Conservative Government as poverty and lack of education might have driven these people to such acts of ‘domestic abuse’.

Foreigners domiciled in England and Wales can be subjected to claims of ‘domestic abuse’ in order to remove their children and give them to needy English families (homosexual or heterosexual), instigate lengthy divorce proceedings paid only via private funds as Legal Aid is not allowed for such foreigners, and provide one party with an advantage to seek Residence in England and Wales based on what should be named false ‘domestic abuse’ claims.  So, ‘domestic abuse’ fulfils a real purpose for financial gain. Bad Judges close their eyes to such allegations as they are not interested and want to increase the statistics for the Conservative Government.

Judges in the English courts do not care about immigration law and false allegations of ‘domestic abuse’. They care about proceedings to be as long as possible so that they can keep their job and provide their colleagues, Solicitors and Barristers, with lots of work.

There is also no desire in the English courts for the truth to come out. For example, if one Judge made a bad decision and issued a Judgment based on ‘Errors and Omissions’, such Judgment will never be allowed to be challenged again in any court as it will undermine the authority of the said incompetent Judge. Thus corruption is in full bloom.

We can name the top corrupt Judge:  Lord Wilson (Supreme Court judge appointed solely on connection with the Conservative party).

We can name the top corrupt Solicitors firm:  Charles Russell Speechlys (the law firm of former Conservative The Right Honourable Charles Baron Russell of Killowen – Lord Chief Justice of England 1894-1900 who made the list for the Bad Judges in Graeme Williams QC book “A Short Book of BAD JUDGES”, considered the best divorce law firm in London)


Currently, England and Wales has numerous thoroughly bad Judges in the 21st Century.

We were able to resign a few of them earlier than their Judicial period of appointment. We are still working to remove the rest of the Bad Judges and restore trust and justice to the people, as well as defend the name of Her Majesty the Queen that these Bad Judges have greatly damaged via their wrong and corrupt actions.

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