Bad Judges of 21st Century – Secondary

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The Bad Judges of 21st Century in the second category, or Secondary, are classified as bad due to their support of the Primary Bad Judges to carry out corruption, abuse of power and misuse of public office.

Some of the Bad Judges of 21st Century – Secondary– are still sitting as Judges in their courts, others we forced into early resignations.  Those Judges who refuse to resign on their own will be impeached.

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The difference between dealing with bad Judges in the 19th & 20th Century and 21st Century bad Judges is that the former Judges were sent overseas by the Government to the British Colonies and they were called “Jungle Judges”, while the more recent bad Judges have been promoted to the higher courts or moved completely out of town to a different court within the country.

The Bad Judges of 21st Century – Secondary – against whom there exists clear evidence of one form of badness or another are:

Lord Justice Ryder

Lord Justice Sullivan

Lady Justice McGowan

Lord Justice Tomlinson

Lord Justice Sales

His Honour Judge Brasse

His Honour Judge Toulson

Sir Paul James Duke Coleridge

District Judge Margaret Short


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