Bad Judges of 21st Century – Primary

These are the Judges who are a great liability for the Justice System in England and Wales, and part of Scotland as they engage in corruption, abuse of office and trust.

For the first time since Mr Graeme Williams QC published his book,   “A short book of BAD JUDGES“,  we are updating his research and will be bringing readers and followers into the 21st Century.

The facts and evidence relied upon are all in the public domain and based on real court cases.

We have divided the Bad Judges of 21st Century into two categories: Primary and Secondary.

Some of the Bad Judges of 21st Century are still sitting as Judges in their courts, others we forced into early resignations.  Those Judges who refuse to resign on their own will be impeached.

See how we are impeaching these Judges. Click here.

The difference between dealing with bad Judges in the 19th & 20th Century and 21st Century bad Judges is that the former Judges were sent overseas by the Government to the British Colonies and they were called “Jungle Judges”, while the more recent bad Judges have been promoted to the higher courts or moved completely out of town to a different court within the country.

The Bad Judges of 21st Century against whom there exists clear evidence of one form of badness or another are:

Lord Wilson (takes the lead as the most corrupt Judge of 21st Century given that he directly contributed to the early retirement of Lord Dyson and Lord Neuberger following his bad behaviour siting as a Judge in the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court; interested in drama and a good show in order to attempt to do justice; used nepotism to enter the barristerial path and put his wife Lady Wilson in judicial position after being a housewife for a decade; he is also considered to be beyond incompetent – indeed, malicious; connected to the Conservative Party and as a Judge carries out favours for politicians.)

Lord Neuberger (resigned on his own in 2017 after being informed in private of his failures to manage at the Supreme Court; former President of the Supreme Court; Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Division who failed to manage both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal as Lord Wilson took judicial positions in both courts, at separate times under his administration.)

Lord Dyson (resigned on his own in 2016 after being invited to resign or be forced to resign; former Supreme Court Judge; Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Division who failed to manage the Court of Appeal; engaged in trickery and games to defeat applications brought by a Litigant in Person in the Court of Appeal by appointing wrong Judges with no expertise to hear family appeal applications; engaged further in trickery and games in the Administrative Court to defeat a Judicial Review application – complaints made against the below judges via the Judicial Complaints Office- as he appointed his former chambers to represent the Government and seek favours with the Judge; allowed his wife to profit from his judicial position and to call herself a Lady as in the aristocratic terms; a financially rich Judge as he has been profiting from the Government with his private company.)

Lord Justice Andrew McFarlane (an almost failed law student; incapable to properly represent the UK Government at the European Courts of Justice causing financial and reputation damages to the UK; supported by the Church of England to enter the Judiciary and be promoted to the Court of Appeal; also a Churchman and Judge for the Church; mostly interested is in Church law; writes books on legal topics of no real interest to him; pretends to care for children and act in their best interest; interested in drama; amends the judicial employment requirements as issued by the Ministry of Justice to fit his own purpose that of no reading the applications before entering court; married to a woman who pretends to be from the aristocratic class in order to gain power in the Government, Church, and among the Royals.)

Lady Justice Eleanor King (from a dysfunctional and alcoholic family; lied to the Ministry of Justice on her judicial application about her disability -dyslexia- affecting her reading and writing as she did not tick the box for disability; long time friend of Lord Justice Andrew McFarlane; entered the Judicial position out of financial need and via connections rather then intellectual ability; consistently fails to read and understand applications before her; makes false representations in court that she read large volume of documents before attending court – her disability does not allow for such act; lacks intellect and patience to understand legal matters; uses her connections to employ her children with the Ministry of Justice.)

Lady Justice Macur (can only be called a puppet judge as she does everything other judges require from her; seeks and is given promotions after carrying out favours for other judges to cover up their wrong doing; lacks intellect and ethics.)

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