Matthew Wilson

Matthew Roderick Benjamin Wilson

Son of the most corrupt judge of the 21st Century, Lord Wilson.

Born 1977. Attended at Eton College and known to have been once editor of the Eton Chronicle. 

His father Lord Wilson extended a favour to his son when he used his former client to do a favour for his son for an interview with the Former Rolling Stone, Bill Wyman (former client who was helped to avoid criminal charges for having sex with a minor):

…my son Matthew was once editor of the Eton Chronicle, and I said I have a real favour of you Bill, would you be prepared for my son to interview you on behalf of the Eton Chronicle – he said yes, come down next week. So Matthew went down and came back that evening – I asked him how it went and he said fine – I said “let’s hear it, come on” – and none of it had taken! And so I rang up Bill Wyman who said don’t worry, let him come down again tomorrow and we’ll do it all over again – wasn’t that wonderful? (Newsletter, Summer 2011 – Family Law Bar Association)

Eton College where Matthew Wilson was once the editor of Eton Chronicle.

Eton College was founded in 1440 by Henry VI as a community of ten fellows, four clerks, six choristers, one schoolmaster, twenty-five poor scholars, and 25 poor and infirm men.


One of the most striking features of the new government is the dominance within its ranks of individuals showing every sign of class privilege. The Sunday Times reports that 18 of the 23 full-time members of the cabinet are millionaires, having between them a capital wealth of about £50 million.1 David Cameron is an Old Etonian descended from three generations of stockbrokers.2George Osborne was educated at St Paul’s and endowed by his parents with a £15 million stake in his family wallpaper business,3 while Boris Johnson, Cameron’s contemporary at Eton, is a son of a Tory MEP. An image much reproduced in the general election showed Cameron, Osborne and Johnson together in evening dress as members of Oxford’s Bullingdon Club. Appearing in the same image are the less familiar faces of the future Baron Altrincham, Earl Wemyss and Lord Northbourne.  (The Tories, Eton and Private Schools, 5th April 2011,


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