Mr John Landtree

By direct submission from Mr John Landtree and accepted by Lord Neuberger.

Lord Wilson sitting as a Judge in the Supreme Court assisted the security guard Mr John Landtree with his divorce. This provision of legal support and advice from a Judge sitting in the highest court in the country was unlawfully funded by the taxpayers.

According to this Supreme Court employee, Mr John Landtree, Lord Wilson’s view of women is that they must be defeated.  It was directly stated by Mr Landtree that Lord Wilson views women to be “hysterical” and “grabbers during divorce“, hence providing unlawful and unethical legal assistance to Mr Landtree.

Lord Wilson is a barrister by trade and since becoming a Judge he does not hold a Practising Certificate. His unlawful behaviour was against the implemented policies of the Supreme Court which state that Judges in the Supreme Court cannot perform any other jobs.

Lord Neuberger, the President of the Supreme Court, officially accepted that Lord Wilson played a role in the divorce of the Supreme Court employee and conducted such act as a “private favour”.  Lord Neuberger has now resigned his position that of the President of the Supreme Court. He was also the Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Division when Lord Wilson, then known as Lord Justice Wilson, was a Judge in the Court of Appeal.  Lord Neuberger failed twice in his management of the courts (Court of Appeal and then Supreme Court) and unlawfully allowed illegal activities of Lord Wilson in his courts.


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