Worcester College Oxford


Worcester College Oxford University awarded Lord Wilson in 2008 an Honorary Fellow Degree, after an initial pity entrance as a student when he was 18.

Lord Wilson only obtained a Bachelor Degree from Worcester College at Oxford based on pity rather than his own intellectually capability and achievement:

“….at 18 when 3 Oxbridge colleges turned me down for admission before Professor Reynolds at Worcester College took pity on me.” (Newsletter, Summer 2011 – Family Law Bar Association)  

At the time the Honorary Fellow Degree (NOT achieved via scholarly accomplishment nor great intellect following his previous failures as a student, as a legal practitioner and Judge) was given to him in 2008, Lord Wilson was known as Lord Justice Wilson being a Judge in the Court of Appeal.  Lord Wilson did not have have any judicial experience in the Family Court as before he entered this field in 1993 he was a Recorder in the Crown Court (criminal court).

From 2011, Lord Wilson has been known as Lord Wilson of Culworth following his appointment to the Supreme Court and whose corrupt behaviour recently led to the early retirement of Lord Dyson (in 2016) and Lord Neuberger (in 2017), in addition to other Judges in the Central Family Court and the Court of Appeal.

Lord Wilson entered into a game of corruption and wrongful influence on other Judges at all levels of courts (Central Family Court, Court of Appeal and Queens Bench) following a landmark divorce case in which he was involved in 2010 when he already had one foot in the Supreme Court. Initially and to help his judicial profile in November 2010, Lord Wilson made up evidence and failed to read the Wife’s appeal application in this landmark divorce case, although he pretended by making false representations in his court that he did read the case. This landmark case was published in the press, commented and criticised upon by the legal professionals against the Wife, and was in the public domain from November 2010 to September 2016. Lord Wilson abused his position of trust and that of a Judge when he wrongfully influenced His Honour Judge Parkes QC (a judge with physical disability and easy to control) in the summer of 2016 to stop the publication of the case which has been damaging his name and in which he intentionally slandered the good name of a Wife giving the abusive Husband a free hand to abuse Judges, commit fraud and perjury, and pervert the course of justice.

Lord Wilson put this landmark case in the public domain when he gave the media the sensational story with his dramatic delivery of a wrong Judgement in an open court based on the wrong facts as he failed to read the case.  His Honour Judge Parkes is due to retire on his own initiative before the impeachment of Lord Wilson who refused to retire on his own and continued his corrupt behaviour among the judiciaries forcing other higher Judges to resign on their own.

Lord Wilson is also known to make use of nepotism. He abused his position of trust and promoted his wife Lady Wilson, after a decade of being a house wife, into positions of authority: a Judge and a very successful Mediator.  She became a successful mediator when her husband, Lord Wilson was the President of the Family Mediators Association (FMA) from 1998 to 2011:

In 2007 I trained as a mediator and since then I have carried out a large number of mediations for the Tribunal in Greater London and in the Birmingham area, specialising in service charge and similar disputes. I am a proactive mediator with a very high record of success.  I am a proactive mediator with a very high record of success’. (Lady Wilson after retiring as a Judge in 2015) Read her profile here.

Indeed, the most corrupt judge of the 21st Century.

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