Bad Judges of 21st century

For the first time since Mr Graeme Williams QC published his book,   “A short book of BAD JUDGES“,  we are updating his research and will be bringing are readers and followers into the 21st Century.

The facts and evidence relied upon are in the public domain and the links are provided to support our evidence to bring you the 21st Century Bad Judges (some still sitting in their position and refusing to resign until they are to be impeached). Lord Dyson (former Master of the Rolls and Supreme Court Judge) resigned on his own initiative after giving the choice of resigning or being fired. He chose the former to avoid embarrassment.

The difference between dealing with bad judges in the 19th and 20th century and 21st century bad judges is that the former judges were sent overseas to the British colonies and they were called “jungle judges” while the more recent bad judges have been promoted to the higher courts or moved completely out of town to a different court within the country.

Judges are mentioned against whom there exists clear evidence of one form of badness or another: