Britain set to remove all Human Rights…and create a new ‘democratic system’

In 1948, Winston Churchill advocated a European ‘Charter of Human Rights’ in direct response to the Second World War and the British lawyers drafted what was later to become the European Convention. There are 47 countries that have agreed to the Convention, which provides civil and political rights for all citizens. The UK was the first country to sign up to the Convention.

The Human Rights Act 1998 was brought into law by the Labour government from 2000. This allows alleged breaches of the Convention to be heard in UK courts, but still retaining the right to appeal to the higher international court in Strasbourg.

In 2015, David Cameron is applying to remove UK from the Convention if negotiations fail. The Conservatives manifesto stated:

“Undertake radical reform of human rights laws and publish a detailed plan for reform that a Conservative government would implement immediately: we will scrap Labour’s Human Rights Act, curtail the role of the European Court of Human Rights in the UK and make certain that the UK’s Supreme Court is in Britain and not in Strasbourg.”

The Supreme Court where Lord Wilson who is known to have conducted the divorce case for an employee of the Supreme Court and expressed clear views of discrimination against women is set to have the last word on what Human Rights should constitute. Lord Wilson is also known to have caused one of the greatest financial damages for the UK in the Vlad v Vlad matter set for over £10 million.

Why should we trust Lord Wilson that, as a representative of the Supreme Court, he or anyone else like him can be impartial and act in accordance with the law? Is Supreme Court above all law and changes to the law are being made case by case? Wouldn’t David Cameron cause more chaos in the long run as judges like Lord Wilson hold no responsibilities for their actions while in employment to promote and hold the highest law in the country? Who is left to control the Supreme Court?

Michael Gove, another non-lawyer Minister replacing the much criticised non-lawyer Chris Grayling, now head of House of Commons, was appointed to clarify the UK law and the country’s legal position in the world. Michael Gove has been appointed ‘Justice Secretary’ and ‘Lord Chancellor’ to see through the new Conservative government’s manifesto pledge to scrap the Human Rights Act; introduce a new Bill of Rights, and sever links with the European Court of Human Rights.

Is this a clear message that there is no need of legally qualified individuals to make changes to the law in the UK? Litigants in Person must then be treated with the utmost respect by all Judges as no favourism can be offered to Michael Gove is is just like an Litigant in Person on a higher platform!