Domestic Abuse

Why you need to recognise domestic abuse, understand it and what you immediately must do to protect yourself.  

Why you need to be the first to dispose of the abuser before he disposes of you as he is capable of anything such as making false statements and evidence against you so as to damage your good name and character before the courts and authorities.

Why in England and Wales, the Justice System serves only those who complain first and can afford to buy justice. First come, first served!

If you are at the receiving end of abuse and then try to defend yourself before the Judges from the actions of an abusive Husband, your evidence is not taken seriously as the Judges (mostly male), themselves abusive, have the job to carry out the Government’s agenda, thus lacking independence and impartiality.  Some female Judges have to agree with the male Judges as they lack independence and are too afraid from not being part of the all men team. With the exception of Lady Justice Eleanor King who is dyslexic and lacks the ability to read or write properly and one who lied on her judicial application, female Judges sill take little steps to go against the male Judges. Indeed the majority of the Judges ignore evidence and when the opportunity arises (especially if Litigants in Person are involved) they make up evidence against the weak one to support the Government’s agenda and protect their jobs.

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You will see by example why you must never care for anyone who has personal issues and abuses you either emotionally, physically and / or financially. The consequences for supporting and caring for such a troubled person are greater than you can imagine. From having to pay high legal fees to loosing your good reputation. A few solicitors will also take advantage of your weakness to have to face an abusive husband and engage you in a litigious process caring high legal fees.

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The UK Justice System favours those who first come to the court with allegations of domestic abuse (false and more severe, the merrier) and who are represented by a well known powerful and corrupt firm of solicitors.

As the current UK Justice System is not made to protect society from those who commit fraud, perjury and interfere with justice, one is forced to engage in an adversarial fight with the other party before the Judges who enjoy a good show.  This is according to Lord Wilson, Supreme Court Judge. The UK Justice System indeed encourages bad behaviour or adversarial behaviour as it ensures that the courts are paid the high application fees, Judges will hold on to their jobs and more issues are created which can become the Government’s next issues in the elections. 

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Domestic Abuse is also a prerequisite to obtain Legal Aid.  So, those who are not financially able to afford legal representation will have to raise domestic abuse if they consider divorcing. If small children are involved, then the authorities will raise domestic abuse so as to find a legitimate way to intervene in the family life.  The small children must also fulfil certain conditions and criteria for the market demand – the adoption. Their removal is done with intent to place them into forced adoption.  It all starts with the forceful and tricky removal of the small children from their biological parents involved in alleged domestic abuse and their placement with foster carers. In reality, Social Services place these small children with ‘foster to adopt’ carers and the biological parents will spend years fighting off the false allegations of domestic abuse. So, domestic abuse can be used as a weapon by Social Services to address the high market demand for adoption of small children.

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