Dyslexic Judge, Lady Justice Eleanor King, accepts having brought pre-written judgments with her in court at oral hearings

KingOn, 18th March 2015 in court 72, Lady Justice Eleanor King whose known to the world now as the ‘dyslexic judge‘ sitting in the Court of Appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice acknowledged and declared in open court for the first time that her Judgment in case B4/2015/0175B (Children) was now only part pre-written before the oral hearing.

This followed numerous complaints against the dyslexic judge to the Judicial Conduct Investigative Office (JCIO) who refused to investigate the complaints but nevertheless informed the dyslexic judge of the complaints received against her for bringing pre-written Judgments in court and not informing the public why she had to do so given her disability. Lady Justice Eleanor King has been struggling with her dyslexia since her student years – her reading and writing skills affected. Evidence was provided by University of Hull on 3rd June 2014 and the public only now is finding out of the unreported disability of this Court of Appeal Judge, who was also a previous Judge in the Court of Protection and sanctioned people to be sterilised.

We followed the behaviour and legal reasoning of this dyslexic judge in this case. Below are direct quotations from the hearing on 18th March 2015:

1. At the beginning of the hearing, the Judge stated “I did not read all only…..”

2. Before giving the Judgment on the same day and within 45 minutes from the start of the hearing, the Judge stated: “I read everything.

3. “A party cannot challenge a discretionary decision of the lower court judge because an experienced Judge does not have to deal with each welfare point for the children as long as he has it in his mind and can recite it in his sleep.” 

4. Applicant informed the court that there were false statements presented by the other party in the lower courts to which the Judge responded: “...a matter for interim applications“.

5. Disclaimer as to the preparation of the Judgment: “I prepared the first part before and will read it out…than will deal with the second part in court.”

6. Applicant informed the Judge that the previous Judge whose Judgment was part of the appeal contained a lot of mistakes and the dyslexic judge stated: “I can only go by the Judgment.” 

Lady Justice Eleanor King’s behaviour towards the male Applicant (a Litigant in Person):

1. Extremely flirtatious

2. Long smiles

3. Rolling of eyes

4. Frequent use of hand movements

5. Constantly praised the Applicant for his presentation skills

6. Made the Applicant feel that he did everything right, but he just did not understand the law (Note: Applicant’s appeal application was drafted by an experienced legal professional who appears in the Court of Appeal and has significant success in court.)

It is a remarkable experience to witness this Judge in court and note, if you have some legal knowledge, how she can mislead an applicant who is a Litigant in Person. Could she be getting brownie points for all the appeals she is dismissing?

We note from this case that the Judge made false statements in court, provided the wrong legal arguments to her reasons and for the first time put forward the disclaimer that she will only be reading the first part of her pre-written Judgment (which may be hard to believe for someone with her disability). We will follow this case as the matter has not yet concluded.