Family Instability

This is the biggest problem for the family law system in 21st Century!

More and more children are growing up in families with parents living apart, are born to parents who are in a co-habitual relationship rather than a marriage, or are born to single mothers.

There are four types of families in England and Wales…….

Families with parents living apart are those who most likely underwent a divorce, chose to co-parent only,  are prohibited by their religion to divorce thus living apart, or are wealthy enough to be able to live apart without obtaining a separation certificate or a divorce but keeping up appearances of a normal family.

Families with parents who co-habit rather than being married are most likely those who have lost faith in the institution of marriage and the church, grew up with parents who either divorced or were stuck in a bad marriage, are separated from their spouse but not yet divorced, or those who hope or intend on the part of at least one of them that they will marry in the future.

Families made up of single mothers (women who had a partner to conceive a child but chose not to be with the partner) are most likely those women who have experienced a bad childhood, come from a poor and financial unstable families or from families who for generations have claimed benefits from the Government and build nothing of their own, are less educated and travelled, witnessed a bitter divorce of their parents, or simply women who have no intention of having a partner for purposes of obtaining their own flat in England and Wales (guaranteed right by the Government for a single mother).

Families made up of single mothers (women who did not have a partner to conceive a child but relied on technological developments to create their family) are most likely those women who have a career, travelled and developed their careers, went through a bitter divorce and lost faith in the justice system and marriage, or are at a later age in their lives and conceived via IVF.