Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Services (HMCTS)

Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Services (HMCTS) carry out the administrative work for the Justice System to help the public pursue justice. The HMCTS is an executive agency sponsored by the Ministry of Justice. In turn, Ministry of Justice is governed by the selected justice minister appointed by the Prime Minister. If issues on the political agenda need pursuing for political power purposes, this is how the trickle down theory develops and reaches the courts and finally the public.  Her Majesty’s title is used to comfort the public of the legitimacy of the business. Thus, it is automatically assumed that a fair and just process will take place as Her Majesty is well respected worldwide.  However, this is far from reality!

The HMCTS is failing the public as Judges are getting more and more involved in running this long established business – the Justice System. Such Judges have been resorting to extortion of funds from the public to benefit the business, and trickery to deny the right to justice to those in most need.

The Master of the Rolls who is also the head of the Civil Justice System is like a CEO. He manages the Judges in the Civil Courts and ensures that justice is delivered in accordance with the rule of law.  Well, this is in theory!  The last Master of Rolls was Lord Dyson whom we successfully forced into early retirement in 2016 after proving to Her Majesty the Queen of his failure to manage, corrupt behaviour and pretentious behaviour of aristocracy.

Judicial Reviews are conducted in Her Majesty’s name as Her Majesty is the applicant in the name of the party challenging an authority in the Administrative Court. The Administrative Court seeks to defeat the applications thus mudslinging Her Majesty’s good name when it engages in deceit, favourism and increased complexity to simple Judicial Review applications. We bring you one of the most important Judicial Review case of all times which also helped to terminate Lord Dyson’s employment as he engaged in a corrupt process together with Lord Justice Sullivan (former President of the Administrative Court), Lord Justice Ryder (the current President of the Administrative Court) and his former chambers 39 Essex Chambers.

With the help of Her Majesty the Queen, we aim to put into early retirement other corrupt judges.  Failure to resign such judges will result in their impeachment from the judicial office and surely a worldwide embarrassment for the United Kingdom.

We aim to provide the public with a meaningful and simple insight into how the United Kingdom Government over time has been selecting and hiring its civil servants (Judges), managed its agencies which support and affect the Justice System and the Judiciaries, and how the leadership of a Government can have a direct effect on those who seek justice in Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals.

We also look at the role of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II within the Justice System and how family law and justice developed throughout Her Majesty’s reign which on 13th June 2017 stands at 65 years 4 months 6 days.