The Divorce Foundation

Objects of the Charity:

  1. to advance the education of the public concerning the divorce procedure and techniques (either from a spouse or by way of separation of children from their parents on a permanent basis through adoption) and its consequences for adults and children, and to promote and conduct research into all aspects of divorce life, divorce laws and policies,  and publish such results of the research carried out via private individuals and government projects and research;
  2. to advance the mental, physical and emotional well-being of adults and children by:
    • providing support with the process by which to manage and deal with life on a daily basis while undergoing the divorce process;
    • increasing public awareness of the complex divorce procedures, and consequences of divorce on children, extended families, friends and colleagues;
    • revealing the benefits of considering and having a civilised divorce and long term cooperation between the parties (when children are involved); and
    • improving the availability and quality of such support;
  3. to prevent poverty, homelessness, and distress as caused by divorce;
  4. to further such other exclusively charitable work (according to the law of England and Wales) as is undertaken by other  organisations engaged in supporting couples undergoing divorce and or individual(s) with children related issues in connection with permanent separation and or adoption in England and Wales.

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