Legal Consultant(s)

A Legal Consultant is a person with a legal background, a lawyer in most cases, who is not bound by the rules of the Law Society or the Bar Council.  But they do the work of both solicitors and barristers. The legal bill is always much much lower and fair.

A person with ‘right of audience’.  

Normally, Legal Consultant(s) are legal professionals who fight for justice having had to deal with either a personal matter and/or are researching for the truth within the Justice System.  These are not individuals who are seeking a career within the Judiciary. Although, wives of Judges who take a few years off work from their legal career can use this privilege to work as Legal Consultants before being appointed to a Judiciary position. This is rare and it is nepotism. But it has been done. If a client is able to find such a Legal Consultant, the client is striking gold as the matter is guaranteed a win in Court.

There are many Legal Consultants in England and Wales who are ready to take cases.  It is a gamble as a client never knows what to do if the Legal Consultant will misrepresent the case before the Court.

Legal Consultants are a good fit only for clients who have a strong hand in the matter and are confident as people, but need guidance with strategy and legal procedure.