Litigants in Person (LIPs)

Litigants in Person or LIPs are people who are self-representing before Court (before Judges). They are either not able to pay the high legal fees of a solicitor or barrister OR simply have lost trust in solicitors and or barristers and prefer to represent themselves believing that the truth will set them free and win the matter.

Truth has many interpretations that LIPs do not understand.

LIPs wrongfully believe that speaking the truth in Court will help their case. Truth can have many interpretations and needs to rely on evidence. This is why Judges can get upset when they have LIPs before them in Court who do not understand the matter, the points of law, the arguments made and in most cases are very sentimental of their own matter. Sympathy will not get too far a LIP unless the Judge takes a fancy to the LIP for whatever motive. It happens depending on the private life of the Judge.

Law is made for those who can put sentiments aside and think rationally and objectively.  Moreover, arguments must be simple and to the point. As emotion of one’s matter can get in the way, a LIP can frustrate the Judges and loose the case.

There is no clear cut formula how to teach a LIP behaviour in Court. It all comes down to the natural skills of the LIP and how easily a LIP adapts to situations.