Lord Justice (Charles) Russell

The Right Honourable Charles Baron Russell of Killowen

Lord Chief Justice of England (1894 – 1900)

Statue placed in the main lobby at the Royal Courts of Justice

Source of text below:   “A short book of Bad Judges” by Graeme Williams QC

“…pleaded Guilty to driving home from his train station in rural Surrey, being appreciably over the, then recently introduced, permissible alcohol limit. He had ignored the staff’s advice not to drive. A few days after the local Court hearing, at which he was of course disqualified from driving, he is reputed to have asked the President of the three-man Court of Appeal in which he was to sit, Lord Justice (Arthian) Davies…., ‘What should I do,..?… To which question (Lord Justice Davies) said to have given the terse answer ‘Sit tight, Charles’.  Sir Charles sat tight, and survived; indeed, he was a few years later even granted a life peerage and promoted to sit in the House of Lords.” p. 4-5

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“….The increasing demand for his services may be judged by his fees which averaged £3000 a year from 1862–1872, £10,000 in the next decade, £16,000 in the third, and in 1893–1894, his last year of practice (while Attorney-General), reached £32,826…”

Grandson:   Charles Ritchie Russell, Baron Russell of Killowen, PC (12 January 1908 – 23 June 1986) was a British judge and law lord.  The son of the Lord Russell of Killowen, Russell was Lord Justice of Appeal from 1962 to 1975, having been made also a Privy Councillor in 1962. On 30 September 1975, he was appointed Lord of Appeal in Ordinary and became additionally a life peer with the title Baron Russell of Killowen, of Killowen in the County Down, the same title that his grandfather and father had held.

Grandson established the Charles Russell and Co. – Law Firm in London – now Charles Russell and Speechly, well known and most expensive delivering positive results for those who can afford their legal fees:

  • 1891 Charles Russell and Co. was founded by Charles, son of Lord Russell of Killowen (MP and later Attorney-General under Prime Minister Gladstone and Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales)