Lord Justice Ernest Nigel Ryder

Ryder and Wife

Sir Ernest and Lady Janette Ryder, Monica and Giancarlo Bacci and Stephen Conn

(“Red Cross Gala Ball at the Midland Hotel in Manchester raises £40,000” (22 January 2014), in the “Lancashire Life“)

….a full time Court of Appeal Judge, President of the Tribunals, Director (40% shares) of a publishing company ‘Grace Publishing‘ in his own private flat in the city next to the courts (135 Cliffords Inn, Fetter Lane, London), and Chancellor of the University of Bolton. Where does he find the time to do it all in the right way and approved manner by the Ministry of Justice, that is?  Unlawfully allows his wife to call herself Lady Janette Ryder (nee Martin), a physiotherapist, giving the impression that she belongs to an aristocratic family. The title was given to her as a courtesy title because of her Husband, Lord Justice Ernest Ryder or Sir Ernest Ryder, and with the authority to use the title ‘Lady’ NOT with her full name but only with her last name Ryder.  

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