UK Justice System and Judiciaries are failing society

Judicial competence and conflict of interest still remain inadequately resolved by the Government. When put before the courts applications get defeated by trickery and obstruction of justice by those who are supposed to deliver justice and upheld the rule of law.

Lord Dyson, Opening of the Legal Year at Westminster Abbey, 1st October 2015

Lord Dyson, former Master of the Rolls and Head of the Civil Justice (the second most senior judge in England and Wales and former Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom)  forced to retire two years earlier.  He attempted to protect Lord Wilson’s (now Supreme Court Judge) wrong doing when he was in the Court of Appeal, in late 2010 and before joining the Supreme Court, and other incompetent Judges who have caused more damages to the justice system than any other Judges in the history of the United Kingdom. Lord Dyson is the first of all 96 Master of the Rolls to have been put into early retirement by a Litigant in Person.   His decision to retire earlier was Lord Dyson’s personal decision after he encountered issues for the prior five months, and after he discussed it with Lord Chief Justice – by his own admission at a March 2017 conference in Leeds.

We have done our work and retired one corrupt Judge, Lord Dyson! We are grateful to Her Majesty the Queen for her possible support as we also presented the information to Her Majesty after Lord Dyson refused on paper to retire on his own initiative. 

Click here for a list of Judges who are no better than Lord Dyson and we expect their retirement or impeachment.

Judicial Appointments for top judges is simply a political appointment of the Government. There are very limited requirements for judges to have intellectual abilities, high moral standing (i.e. honesty and integrity included), show good behaviour, and clear ability of analysis.

Unfair Trials for unrepresented litigants continue to be the norm.

Lack of Court Support for those with physical disabilities is being blocked by those working for the judges and by the judges so as to deny one the opportunity to have a case heard on facts.

Financial Extortion from those applicants who qualify under the fee remission scheme introduced by the Government is on the rise as Judges are over passing their judicial duties and force applicants on their own initiative to pay the high court fees, a new trend to stop applications and deny justice to the most in need.

Impractical Orders continue to be handed out so as to disrupt one’s life, put pressure on the individual who attempted to get justice, protect the incapable and ill prepared judges and those who engaged in the wrongful delivery of justice.

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