Marilyn Stowe blogs about the dyslexic Judge – Lady Justice Eleanor King

KingWhile Marilyn Stowe is expected to write a few words and make public the main problem we all have with the dyslexic judge – Lady Justice Eleanor King, as they have see her true profile on our website, Marilyn Stowe is still covering up the challenges and issues any litigant or legal representative has when appearing before the dyslexic judge who has trouble with reading and writing.

We read about a case Re M (Children) on Marilyn Stowe blog in which Lady Justice Eleanor King gave the leading judgment.  While the blogging makes anyone drop a tear, it does not addresses the main issue:


Who were the other judges sitting with Lady Justice Eleanor King as she gave the leading judgment? Does he/she/they have any family law background? And did she actually read all the documents before making all the comments or did Lady Justice Eleanor King copy and paste from previous judgments as she is known to do given her dyslexic disabilities?

Our eyes caught one phrase in the blog of Marilyn Stowe which raised suspicion as to whether or not the dyslexic judge read all the documents (we are now very familiar with the phrases used by the dyslexic judge):

“subjected to appalling neglect including physical and possibly sexual abuse”

In 2016, we no longer use the word “possibly sexual abuse”. It is either they have been sexually abused or not!  There are significant levels of investigation (medical and otherwise) that must be carried out in such a case as before the dyslexic judge to say with certainty whether or not the children have or have not been sexually abused.  Surely, the dyslexic judge missed the reading of this issue. The tear must be caught and not allowed to be dropped. It is clear this case was not investigated properly by the dyslexic judge who had no clue as to the facts in the case. How can she have given the leading judgment in the Re M (Children) if she did not read the documents and did not have a full grasp of all the facts and issues?

Well, we are not surprised as this is a regular occurrence and judicial lack of care which the dyslexic judge gives to cases before her.

If you click on the link provided by Marilyn Stowe you will note that the dyslexic judge was sitting only with the very newly appointed to the Court of Appeal – Lord Justice Simon, who has no family law background as he comes from the Queens Bench Division.   He has nothing to add to what the dyslexic judge said as a leading judge. We strongly question the dyslexic Judge’s ability to judge. No one should be fooled by a sentimentally written article aimed only to promote the work of the dyslexic Judge – Lady Justice Eleanor King who is publicly known to be dyslexic, superficial and one of the most incapable judge to sit in the Court of Appeal.

Lord Justice Simon is a new kid on the block (a new judge in the Court of Appeal) and he has no other option but to agree with the dyslexic judge if he wants to keep his job which he only started in autumn 2015, just a couple of months ago.

Lord Justice Simon’s profile can be found below or here.

“Mr Justice Simon was called to the Bar, Middle Temple, 1973. Bencher in 1999. He became Queen’s Counsel in 1991. A Recorder in 1998–2002. A Deputy High Court Judge in 1999–2002. A Judge of the High Court, Queen’s Bench Division, since 2002; Presiding Judge, North Eastern Circuit, 2006–08.”

This is another matter to worry about. When the truth about our judges gets twisted in emotional stories only to promote their work (or lack thereof) and portray them in a different light than they should be portrayed, we are not taking the right steps towards a democracy and a justice system that works for the public.

Should we be surprised that Lady Justice Eleanor King is being promoted now on Marilyn Stowe blog as she is being investigated by the Master of the Rolls for corruption within the Court of Appeal and in time as she is to be known as the dyslexic judge sitting at the Court of Appeal who brought down the justice system in the UK with her lies and misrepresentation to the Ministry of Justice and the public?