Meet the Judges

To understand someone’s point of view is to understand where they come from.”

Judges are the backbone of our Justice System in England and Wales, and individuals with some sort of legal background (either a former solicitor or barrister) who took the Judicial Oath prior to being empowered by Her Majesty the Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister and Lord Chancellor to determine the life of other human beings. They are required to uphold the rule of law and public confidence that justice is upheld and delivered at the highest standard, as also required of them by the Parliament in a democratic society.

Official Ministry of Justice Biographies of the Court of Appeal Judges.  Click here.

Below we are looking in detail at the background of some of the most predominant Judges during our times who aim to shape the Justice System in either a positive or negative way. From time to time and when information comes along, we are also looking at the newly appointed Deputy Judges and Recorders. If one particular Judge is not listed below, please be patient as soon we will discover all of them. As before, we welcome your input by submitting your facts and evidence.

Judge James Allen QC  – a chap for a good story to read.

Mr Justice Stephen William Scott Cobb  – a good educated chap; haven’t come across him much other than with his involvement in different associations.

District Judge Coleman  not a wow factor, only pure judicial incompetence.

Sir Paul James Duke Coleridge  – not all a bad chap, a 50 – 50 chance to get it right.

District Judge Cushing    can make a difference when there is a personal interest to make a good media story and if millions of pounds are involved; not much help to the people who seek justice and to be heard in her court; limits access to speech in court to Litigants in Person.

District Judge Hamilton  not a wow factor, only pure judicial incompetence.

His Honour Michael Horowitz QC  – developer of the “Horowitz technique” (staring at the clock to make Litigants in Person go faster at the oral hearing); inefficient as a Judge but with a nice grandfather face.

Dame Mary Claire Hogg  – inherited judicial position, made significant mistakes in her judgment call in children cases.

Lord Justice Andrew Ewart McFarlane  – lacking in confidence and unable to discharge any views of anyone higher than him; provides a helpful hand to those judges in need of his help to cover up their dishonesty; favourism replaces any good moral standing; a full-time Judge with additional paying jobs such as Chancellor of Diocese of Exeter and Legal Adviser to the Bishop (unlawful under the Ministry of Justice employment terms); mixes religion with the law; failed as a barrister in the European Court for Human Rights; influenced official appointments in the legal, medical, charity field for his wife, the wrongly claimed Lady Susanna McFarlane as such title, that of the ‘Lady’, must not be used by the wives of the Lords Justices –  and the church trust (HEREFORDSHIRE HISTORIC CHURCHES TRUST) .Where does he find the time to do it all in the right way and approved manner not breaching any human rights and in line with the Ministry of Justice employment terms?

Lady Justice Eleanor King   –  first dyslexic and untruthful judge appointed to a higher position (Court of Appeal), former barrister who fell through the cracks to reach her judicial positions throughout the years; the only officially confirmed dyslexic Judge as found by the public and maker of  false statements in court only to hide her disability (Ministry of Justice was misled as she failed to tick the box of having a disability on her judicial application!).

District Judge Malik  –  another fall through the cracks to reach his judicial position; from solicitor to pure judicial incompetence; possibly appointed on the judicial diversity program due to his background and family roots; moved to another court out of London to hide his judicial incapabilities. 

Mr Justice Mostyn    – not all bad chap; disappointed with the Judicial System and spoke against the system to make changes.

Mr. Justice Philip Moor  – not all bad chap; an educated fellow with common sense most of the times; sits on most important cases involving millions of pounds as frequently reported by the media. 

Circuit Judge Patricia Pearl  – another fall through the cracks to reach her judicial position; from unemployable solicitor to pure judicial incompetence; plays with the big boys to help cover up judicial mistakes. 

Deputy District Judge Michael Petrou (aka Dimitrios Petrou)  – another fall through the cracks to reach his judicial position; from solicitor to pure judicial incompetence; a sacrificed judge before his retirement by the Court of Appeal to protect the integrity and career of much higher appointed judges.

Deputy District Judge Madeleine Reardon  – a former barrister with great financial interest; misled the Family Court as instructed by Charles Russell LLP, once shouted at by the Family Court for being dishonest and making irrelevant comments.

Lord Justice Ernest Nigel Ryder  a full time Court of Appeal Judge, President of the Tribunals, Director of a publishing company ‘Grace Publishing‘ in his own private flat in the city next to the courts (135 Cliffords Inn, Fetter Lane, London), and Chancellor of the University of Bolton. Where does he find the time to do it all in the right way and approved manner by the Ministry of Justice, that is?  Unlawfully allows his wife to call herself Lady Janette Ryder (nee Martin), a physiotherapist, giving the impression that she belongs to an aristocratic family. The title was given to her as a courtesy title because of her Husband, Lord Justice Ernest Ryder or Sir Ernest Ryder, and with the authority to use the title ‘Lady’ NOT with her full name but only with her last name Ryder.  

Lord Justice Sullivana judge, twice married, who made a lot of noise over the years, only to end his career on the highest note ever seen in the UK as he retired on his 70th birthday, 17 September 2015; a man who wore many hats in the judicial system changing them as he saw fit or as instructed by his colleagues/superiors; not a man with a poker face – too easy to read! A picture is worth a thousand words, it is said!


Lord Nicholas Allan Roy Wilson  – a judge who has been moving against justice, against the Acts of Parliament and against the rights of Litigants in Person; a man who has been causing a lot of trouble to those he finds inferior to him or not living in the right parts of London; a Judge who inherited his right to his position from his political Conservative grandfather, MP; a man who entered university on pity rather than great educational achievement; a man who entered his barrister job with connections from his mother; an individual without a positive wow factor;  a Judge who used to slander the Wife in the Vlad case before him so as to gain the attention of the media and be cited in the newspapers a couple of months before his appointment to the Supreme Court; a man appointed on connections rather than on legal achievements. A Supreme Court judge who fell through the cracks and supported by his connections. Nevertheless, through his goal to ruin another he opened to door to the first book in England on how the Judicial System really works in the UK – The Divorce and the City, London Style experience!










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