Michelle Young made bankrupt before having a fair hearing in the UK family courts and before finding the Husband’s hidden assets

Scot Young with girlfriend Noelle Reno. There were claims he was murdered by Russian gangsters

Scot Young (52) and Noelle Reno (31)

The Sunday Times run today with the news story:   “Ex-wife ‘traces dead tycoon’s £187m stash

The Daily Mail also run today the news story: “Ex-wife of tycoon who fell to his death a year ago claims she has found £187 MILLION of his hidden money

Was it a real love story between Scot Young, the 52 year old property tycoon (now claimed dead) and declared bankrupt and sectioned under the Mental Health Act just before his alleged fall from his luxury rented flat in Montague Square in London, and his ex-fiancée Noelle Reno, the 31 year old also ex-fiancée of tycoon Matthew Mellon – banking heir of the Mellon Bank?

It is not surprising that the family courts in the UK will be proved to have made a gross mistake in the Young matter as they did not allow the Wife to prove and provide her evidence in full of her Husband’s hidden assets during the divorce proceedings.

A Husband who raised from poverty from a tenement block in Dundee with the financial help of his Wife and her parents followed by his implications with the Russians when he became a financial fixer for the mega-rich and was at one stage thought to be worth £400 million. Last year at this time, Scot Young was still alive until 8 December.

His grave was found at Kensal Green but his body was not seen by close relatives. Could he be alive and running from Justice?  Noelle Reno also disappeared from the UK shortly after the claimed death of her ex-fiancée Scot Young, who she claimed at the time of his death that he was no longer her fiancée following their recent break-up just before his death. She recorded on social media that she took an extensive vacation for 12 months and then another long break from the Social Media.  She allegedly returned to the US.