PJS v News Group Newspapers Ltd [2016] UKSC 26

A decision of the Supreme Court to uphold an injunction prohibiting the publication of information concerning the sexual relationships of PJS, a well-known person in the entertainment business, was the subject of much attention. The respondent newspaper publisher had applied to discharge the injunction, on the ground that PJS’s identity had been widely disclosed on the internet, in the US and in Scotland, meaning that the injunction no longer served any purpose. The majority of the justices considered that there was no public interest in the story and that the intrusive impact of additional disclosure in the English media on PJS and his children’s right to privacy, as opposed to confidentiality, would be considerable. The injunction was the only remedy of any value to PJS and his family. Lord Toulson dissented, holding that the form of the publication should not make a significant difference in circumstances where the information was widely available.