Whether you are a Litigant in Person or an individual represented by a Legal Team (Solicitor and or Barrister), your concern about your private affairs being divorce or children matters are important to us.

We can help by providing legal support and guidance. We do not provide ‘Legal Advice’ as this area is covered by qualified Solicitors (under the administration of the Law Society and Solicitors Regulations Authority) and qualified Barristers (under the Bar Council).  Although, both Solicitors and Barristers are administered by an official administrative body and complaints against them can be made with such authorities, in reality nobody who complains against them can win in England and Wales. The process is long and designed to discourage a person making such a complaint.

Divorces can be very complicated as they have ramifications in matters such as criminal, immigration, corporate, family (children), and other international issues.

Children matters can also be complicated as they most likely involve the Local Authorities, numerous solicitors and barristers, psychologists, psychiatrists, Contact Centers etc.

We have specialist legal knowledge with all of the above as we assisted in numerous cases.

Why would you spend thousands of pounds on Solicitors and Barristers before you have a full understanding of all issues that can affect your case and set-up a strategy for a case?

Almost all of the cases that come to us are a result of the damages caused by Solicitors and Barristers. Such individuals have lost trust in the legally qualified professionals, judges and have already lost significant funds on their legal professionals. The orders they obtained were either wrong or impractical.

We provide straight forward legal strategy for your case so you can conduct your own case or you can provide the correct legal instructions to your Solicitors/Barristers. 

If you choose, we can help you progress your case through the courts or you can instruct your Solicitor or Barrister how to progress your case. Please note that you, as an individual, are required to instruct your Solicitor or Barrister on your case.  Any failure to instruct such individuals will result in a dismissal of your complaint against them, if any is filed with the appropriate authorities.  Therefore, you need us to help you with the strategy and how to instruct your Solicitor or Barrister.

We also specialise in making a complaint against Solicitors/Barrister/Judges.

We are specialised in all such areas that have led to early retirement of top Judges and impeachment of others who continue to make mistakes but refuse to step down.