Civil Restraint Order (CRO)


A ‘Gag Order‘ used by Judges to protect the Justice System, Judiciaries, Legal Professionals and others who manipulated the system very well from their wrong doing over a period of time.  It is a massive force of the law to gag an individual and truss him up so much that he could not really challenge the process.

….a court in this country made an order with a whole load of provisions in it. What particularly attracted my attention, however, was that it prohibited someone from talking to a Member of Parliament and from referring to the existence of the proceedings. When one thinks of secret courts, one thinks of unsavoury regimes such as those in Burma, Cuba, Hungary in the 1950s or Stalin’s Russia, but one does not think of the United Kingdom. How can a judge feel it appropriate to make an order making it unlawful—supposedly—to refer to the existence of proceedings? (Mr Richard Bacon (South Norfolk) (Con), 17 Mar. 2011 Westminster Hall, Column 150WH)

Parliament is here to protect citizens of the UK, not MPs. The individual who was trussed up by that secret hyper-injunction needs protecting. We all need protecting from water that people are being told to drink without being warned that there are potentially toxins in it. That causes me great concern. This is about protecting people, not about using money and wealth to get legal processes to gag people. There is a way round these issues, but it requires Parliament to stand up for the people and for people’s right to communicate with Members of Parliament. (John Hemming (Birmingham, Yardley) (LD), 17 Mar. 2011 Westminster Hall, Column 152WH)