Divorce is about strategy. Nothing more and nothing less!

If one goes to Court to seek Justice in a divorce matter, one will be very disappointed. 

One will never get what his or her solicitor/barrister will promise.  There is always a middle ground to be found by the Court, or in some cases gone bad a clear injustice, but much much later and after a significant legal cost and stress.

This is why a very good strategy is needed from the first thought of getting a divorce and not when one is served with the paperwork from the other side who already had implemented the strategy.

The best strategy is how to find the best strategist to help you take that first step into divorce proceedings. 

If one was to ask me about my divorce in the UK what I would have done differently, my answer will be ALL OF IT.  Solicitors and barristers will never tell you the best strategy, but the longest way to get some king of results that one can say they were at a minimum level of fairness. It was thanks to Charles Russell LLP solicitors firm and the best in London and the UK that I had a crush course in how to get through the divorce process. They showed me that the truth is not what Justice is about. Money can buy justice and get Justice blind.

Justice is about intimidation and very good strategy. 

Charles Russell LLP is not other but the firm of the most famous lawyer Charles Russell with political connections. Many Judges past and present have been recommended and supported by this law firm to reach the highest Courts in the country. It is the firm where the richest and most powerful people go to seek a financial settlement not always so to speak fair for both parties.

Learning from the best in business, made me a good strategist in divorce matters that pleased many of my clients and helped them save money.  Now I created many strategists thanks to having been successful in implementing confidence and legal skills in my clients.