The ‘Trios of Shame’

We are naming the ‘TRIOS OF SHAME’ as they have caused significant damage to the Justice System and to the Public.  

They have now retired and have been terminated from their positions of authority and trust as their secret of how they damaged the Public trust in the Justice System and how they deceived the Public have been made known to the Public. 

Here they are from left to right:  

Lord Dyson (former Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Justice, also former Supreme Court Justice) a millionaire and one who uses public contracts with his private company to make financial gains, a pretentious individual whose wife gives the impression that she is from an aristocratic background, and one who unlawfully used his former chamber to defeat a legitimate claim in the Administrative Court (Judicial Review against the decision not to investigate corrupt judges) by engaging in trickery, deceit, and favourism with his colleagues; 

Lord Chancellor Liz Truss (former Lord Chancellor with no legal background) appointed the corrupt judges and then appointed in this high Government function in order to protect the same judges that she appointed in the first place;

Lord Chief Justice Baron Thomas (soon former Lord Chief Justice) engaged in deceit together with Lord Dyson and covered up fraud in the Court of Appeal.  

They all gloriously failed protecting the most corrupt judge of the 21st Century – Lord Wilson (since 2011 Supreme Court Judge).  

Lord Wilson put a lot of time and energy since 2010 into protecting himself of his wrong doing as he made up evidence in a Court of Appeal case (as he was then a Lord Justice of the Appeal) showing an extraordinary delusional behaviour and arrogance in his Judgment in order to protect a fraudulent, bad character and abusive Husband. He corrupted other Judges since then in order to destroy and ruin a Litigant in Person, the Wife.

However, evil never succeeds.                                            

Time always uncovers the truth!