TOP British corrupt judges of 21st Century

1. Lord Wilson of Culworth

2. Lady Justice Eleanor King

3. Lord Justice Andrew McFarlane

4.  Lady Justice Julia Macur

5. Lord Justice Ernest Ryder

(The following Judges are no longer listed as they resigned on their own initiative by way of retirement following the evidence and complaints provided to the highest authorities: Lord Dyson, Lord Justice Sullivan, HHJ Glenn Brasse -although he entered through the back door as a part-time judge [under investigation]).

Lord Wilson of Culworth

British judge and grandson of Sir Roderick Roy Wilson, Esq (1876 – 1942) who was a British banker and politician, and Member of Parliament for Lichfield (Conservative MP) from 1924 -1929.

Lord Wilson holds the view that court proceedings are shows and entertainment for the Judges:

When the show is a success there is no feeling more wonderful.

In his views, barristers are actors writing the scripts and designing the sets. They have the assistance of the solicitors.

Court performances are what determines the application of the law for this Judge. ‘Litigants in Person’ or those barristers who have not yet reached the status of Oscar winning actors, the British version of Hollywood, have no chance at all to succeed before this Judge or persuade him of the points of law.   His interest has never been in law but in show business.

No wonder the application of the law took a second place, as this Judge did not have, in the first instance, the intellect to gain acceptance on his own merit at Oxford University.  He also failed to secure on his own merit and based on his academic achievement the barristerial path. By his own admittance,  his mother helped facilitate his entries at Worcester College, Oxford and then at Queen Elizabeth Building Chambers.

FROM  Barrister (family)(1967-1987) TO Recorder at Crown Court (criminal court) (1987-1993) TO Judge in the High Court (family division) and appointment to the Privy Council (1993-2005) TO Lord Justice of Appeal (2005-2011) and finally TO Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom (2011- present), a truly incompetent Judge promoted by the Conservatives to protect their political agenda.

While as a Supreme Court Judge, he engaged on taxpayers’ funds in providing legal services to a security guard (and possibly others) who underwent divorce proceedings.  Fact accepted by the President of Supreme Court. Under the employment terms for a full time Judge, this is an unlawful act to engage in providing legal advice while serving Her Majesty the Queen.

He unlawfully influenced other Judges for the past 7 years to interfere with justice so as to wrongfully conduct and determine the proceedings in a landmark divorce case first brought before him in the Court of Appeal in 2010 by the Wife, a Litigant in Person, when he made up evidence and protected an abusive Husband now wanted internationally for crimes he committed against the governments, and which led to the early resignation in 2016 of the 96th Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Division – Lord Dyson.  He created a national security matter for the UK.

He has been providing the entertainment in Her Majesty’s Courts while he seriously affected and continues to affect the lives of many who have been seeking justice and the application of law.

He holds chaotic or erratic views about today’s society, and has a grandiose approach to facts and law.

A judicial position worth terminating with an Impeachment by the Parliament.Click here for more…

Lady Justice Eleanor King

British judge by marriage (American by nationality) born from Irish parents and brought up in a dysfunctional family with divorced parents and a brother who died from the effects of alcoholism.

Family faced poverty.

It is not fully understood how this Judge fell through the cracks to rise to the Judicial level (secure salary and safe job; minimum legal knowledge).

The Ministry of Justice confirmed by correspondence that this Judge provided misleading information on her judicial application in relation to her disability ‘dyslexia’ seriously affecting her ability to read and write. It was confirmed that the box for disability on this Judge’s application was not ticked (dyslexia is included as disability under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995).

The fraudulent behaviour continued as this Judge also has been holding a second job outside the Ministry of Justice full time employment as a Judge, in breach of her terms of employment.

Her rudeness and lies in court that she read quickly the documents and wants to finish quickly the case as she prefers cases worth millions of pounds can only make her a thoroughly bad judge fit for impeachment. 
Click here for more…

Lord Justice McFarlane:  A Judge who barely passed his law courses, making him a 3rd Class Law Degree Holder, has taken upon himself to change the rules and regulations for judicial employment set by the Ministry of Justice. His understanding, limited as it is, is that Judges are not required to prepare and read the documents before hearing and deciding a case. Ministry of Justice contradicted this Judge’s statement.  He rarely prepares for cases. He chooses to make up facts that no one can change as he has the last word. He runs out of the courtroom when confronted with his lack of reading and understanding of a case, and being told that he did not prepare and does not know the facts.  He is known to be a protector of his colleagues for their wrong doing. His interest is mostly in Church law and therefore took up three other employment positions with the Church while also acting as a full-time Judge in the Court of Appeal. This is in breach of the Ministry of Justice terms of employment.  No wonder he does not have the time to read the cases and prepare before a hearing. He also writes books with barristers whom he protects and promotes to judicial positions. He also promoted his wife to a position of power within the Church.  While he issues orders for children to be removed from their birth families, his wife is the head for a charity who helps troubled children.  Researchers confirmed that children displaced from their birth families are more likely to become troubled children.  The two run a successful business: one removes the children, the other attempts to rehabilitate them. This Judge ensures that his wife’s charity is in consistent demand and that she gets plenty of attention with her work. This Judge’s wife also misleads the Royal Family and the public that she is from an aristocratic decent in order to gain opportunities and benefit financially.  A Judge worth impeaching and a wife worth removing from her unearned positions of power.

Lady Justice Macur:  Attempted in 2016 to be a hero to save the corrupt judges. She abused her position of power and trust….

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Other judges who have been so influenced by the above mediocre judicial talent that they were forced to compromise their own and also now are faced with removal from the judicial office (Lady Justice Macur, Lord Justice Ryder, Lord Justice Sales….)





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