Justice System

The barrister is not only the actor in the play, but, albeit with substantial assistance from the solicitor, he also writes the script and designs the set. When the show is a success there is no feeling more wonderful.” (Lord Wilson of Culworth)


Can you spot the FALSE ADVERTISING?
‘Adversarial nature’ system is benefiting those who lie best, impress best, and are better connected to the Judges (directly or indirectly).



The legal system must uphold fairness in society: both in business and for individuals. We want to ensure justice for victims of crime and better rehabilitation for criminals, with a reduction in the rate of reoffending.

The justice system must punish the guilty, protect our liberties and rehabilitate offenders. We will ensure that more criminals make amends to victims and communities for the harm they have caused and help them break the destructive cycle of crime. (www.Gov.uk)



Lord Wilson of Culworth summarised the UK Justice System as the place for barristers to entertain judges with their theatrical performances in Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals. Only after a good theatrical performance success can be achieved.  This Judge quantifies solicitors as second to barristers and encourages those choosing a path in law to become barristers rather than solicitors. So, can one imagine a Solicitor Advocate trying to represent a client in court but does not fall within the acclaimed barrister profession?  It must be pure foolishness and false hope that any justice could be achieved by the Solicitor Advocate.

Himself a failed student and then a failed barrister, Lord Wilson of Culworth was only able to have achieved his place of grandeur now among the Supreme Court Justices via his and his family connections with the Conservative Party and, of course, via his mother, calling his barristerial path “shockingly nepotistic”.  The question on everyone’s sound mind remains: How can a failed student and barrister who made use of nepotism and favours enter the Judicial System and progress through the courts to reach the highest court in the land?  There are other judges similar to Lord Wilson of Culworth who have been great failures first and then awarded and praised as Judges for contributing to society and making positive changes in the world.  How can that be?  Is intelligence, good reason and ethics surgically implanted in these individuals? 

For those who can perform the “Best Show in Court” are awarded with the court orders they desire but not rightfully deserved on the basis of facts and law.

The UK Justice System refuses facts and law, and emphasises theatrical performance.

No wonder that the majority of Litigants in Person are hated, ridiculed, and discarded by Judges like Lord Wilson of Culworth. Most Judges choose the Judicial Path because they are interested in the grandeur of the job that comes with great financial stability and very little work as the court lawyers and clerks do most of their judicial work. These are the court staff who are eager to prove themselves and be on the good side of the Judges to be recommended for promotion and well rewarded positions in private practice, to follow.

Judgments are drafted on a set up formula of ‘copy and paste’ from previous Judgments.

In the majority of the cases put before the courts by Litigants in Person, facts are either made up, distorted or ignored on purpose in order to achieve the formula ‘copy and paste’ Judgments.  Why the use of formula ‘copy and paste’? Job made easier and there is no need for Judges to worry about their reputation and promotion as Litigants in Person are immediately discarded or ignored, if they complain. The UK Justice System also does not allow for a proper consideration of complaints against incompetent Judges. Find out how the complaints procedure works. Click here.

The UK Justice System is run in such a way as to create and sustain the current Government’s agenda.

Judges are political appointments with the mission to facilitate a profitable Justice System to benefit the current Government. 

How the dysfunctional UK Justice System affects society?

  • The weak are emotionally/financially/physically beaten-down as they are put in further poverty and debt, disabling them to move forward for a period of time or forever; and
  • The stronger are to be humiliated and played with by those Justices who engage in corrupt activities and abuse of their judicial position and office, and who simultaneously make changes to the Justice System so as it defeat the stronger applicant’s applications in courts. [If you have a CRO (Civil Restraint Order), you have touched the nerve of the dysfunctional UK Justice System and you are ready and able to prove corruption.]


How can a dysfunctional UK Justice System claim that there is an increase in domestic abuse victims and children are living in dysfunctional families, reason for which they have to be removed and placed with non-biological parents who are given a choice to return them to the system if they find them, like a merchandise, defective?   How can a dysfunctional authority deal with alleged dysfunctional claimed factors? It’s a contradiction within a contradiction that serves only a political agenda while punishing the ‘British left behind’ and those who don’t know their legal rights.

How can the public confidence be upheld when the words of the former Attorney General, Dominic Grieve QC MP at a Speech at BPP Law School on 25 October 2012 are so worrying and become more and more true every day:

Some have argued that the sovereignty of parliament is being eroded and that the power of the judges is increasing to the point of their becoming the governors. (www.gov.uk)

Judicial Independence within a dysfunctional UK Justice System? Click here. 

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