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“I should have had Sandra by my side from the beginning. Her services would have saved me money, time and energy.” GM

“I struggled far too long by myself and also hired a number of solicitors to work on my case but the results were not as promising as I was told when I was legally represented. I should have used someone like Sandra 15 years ago to better understand the legal system and do the case myself to save me money. However, now that I met Sandra I have a much better understanding of the law and I know now what was done wrong in my case. Hopefully, it is not too late to put my case right. I am glad to have met Sandra through another client of hers whom I met in court. My lucky day in court.” MP

“I re-mortgaged my house and spent all my savings to still have to fight my divorce case after 6 years in courts. I know now that it is such a waste of money to hire law firms to do the work for you when there is a much more affordable way to get things done and also understand personally how the legal system works. Unsatisfied with the work carried out by my former solicitors and having been promised many many times better results, I will never make the same mistake again to put all my faith in someone with a financial interest who is only looking to provide me with endless legal bills and a stretched case. I am not sure I will ever trust any legal professional again who only brings my hopes high in the beginning and then told later that I need to spend more money to file yet another application and change the strategies. I am mentally tired of being pulled in different directions by solicitors who make false promises. I am financially ruined now and unable to continue to again spend £350+ an hour on my solicitors for work that I can also do myself with Sandra’s help. I feel now that I know so much more about the legal system and I manage some of the work myself. Law does not intimidate me anymore and I can now feel more confident and positive with my case.” SJ

“After spending £1,000 plus VAT on a barrister for one hour court representation (having to wait the entire morning in court next to my barrister as our case was floating) and spending much more on my solicitor who instructed my barrister, I now know that I could have done the work myself and I would have saved me all this money. Never again I will do this again. Sandra teaches me what I need to know to speak confidently in front of the Judge. I understand the law now. I recommended my friend to Sandra as well and he is very pleased with her services.” AL

“I have been taken to court 12 times by my wife for an increase in maintenance. Every time I had to pay solicitors and barristers to assist me. Now after having discussed my matter with Sandra and getting an understanding of the law, I became much more confident and I successfully represented myself. It saves me money and I am no longer afraid of my wife’s threats to financially ruin me.” DN

“Sandra is very professional and has no financial interest to stretch my case. She is someone like me who has been through the same hardship as I have been. I am very impressed with her services and will not hesitate to keep her by my side.” KG

“I can only praise Sandra for her services. I already sent her three clients who are also very satisfied.” SM

“The hard bit in a divorce is learning how to relax and save money. Without knowing the law and going through the breakdown of my marriage, I was completely lost. I wanted to hide and never come back to the surface. However, after my friend told me about Sandra’s services and her personal divorce story I realise that my divorce is not as hard and if she was able to cope with her divorce I can do it too. I can learn from her and I will not fall the victim of the Justice system and end up in financial ruin.” LK

“The Law Society webpage offered me a great choice of solicitors eager to get my money as after meeting a couple of them they clearly informed me of their hourly legal fees and probability of time length for my case through the courts. I now discovered Sandra’s services through my friend and I am learning to save my money and my sanity. All thanks to my friend for introducing me to Sandra. Very happy to learn this from the beginning.” MQ

“If I only knew then what I know now. This is always the sentence that crosses my mind when I rethink what I went through with my divorce and the time/money wasted to be legally represented the first two years.” TL

“I paid my solicitor who insisted that all funds must be paid upfront and before the application hearing date. He promised that he would personally represent me and this will save me money. Then, I was told by my solicitor on the day of the hearing and only minutes before entering the courtroom that he did not have the time to read all my documents. I was also told that if we loose, we can always appeal. Why did I pay him? Why would I spend more money for his failure to read and properly understand my case the first time around? I am still asking this question today. I was taken for a fool. I am no longer a fool as I have Sandra on my side. I now feel that I have someone honest and capable with me all the way; someone who I can talk to anytime and give me guidance as and when I need it. I am personally prepared now when I go to court and I am no longer taken by surprise by a solicitor who fails to do his work. I will not even contemplate to take the solicitor on negligence as I will waste my time and money. He is from a prominent law firm. This should say it all. It’s good to be in good and safe hands now. Thanks Sandra.” ER

“Sandra is invaluable to me. Although my friends tell me to go to another firm of solicitors, I already made this mistake twice. I re-mortgaged my house already and paid far too much to solicitors and barristers to get unsatisfactory results. I don’t want to be afraid anymore. I now want to learn and be able to sleep at night that I will not be paying someone to stretch my case in the courts. I master my own case with Sandra’s help. Justices are also impressed by my knowledge and presentation in court. My case is finally moving and I am getting good results. I know I am doing this right.” KP

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